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PCSAO Factbook: State and County Profiles

Year Ending June 2021

The June 2021 edition of the PCSAO Factbook is now available.

PCSAO Factbook: State and County Profiles has been redesigned in a digital format so that data pages can be published annually, after the end of the state fiscal year. It will no longer be published in hard copy, and will consist only of state and county profiles and statewide expenditures. It is available online at no charge. This change allows PCSAO to devote resources to more intensive research efforts such as workforce, safety culture, and practice.

The Factbook is designed as a resource for policymakers and the media; for federal, state, and local partners; and for those interested in the safety and stability of Ohio’s children and families. The county profiles include data not just on those children served in custody but also those served in their own homes. The Factbook is the premier data source for county-by-county data on Ohio’s children services agencies.

It is our hope that these data provide greater insight into and understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Ohio’s children and families and the important work that public children services agencies (PCSAs) do to protect and support them.

Download the Factbook statewide profile, individual county profiles, and the sources/data definitions below. Previous editions of the corresponding state and county Factbook pages can be accessed by changing the four-digit year in the URL. The following years are still available online: 2020, 2019, 2017 and 2015.

Important notice: On Dec. 7, 2022, PCSAO became aware that the Census population data in certain counties’ Factbook profiles were presented inaccurately. Corrected profiles have been uploaded as of this date, and the 49 affected counties are indicated below with an asterisk. The state profile page was not affected, and only demographic and child population data were presented incorrectly in the indicated counties (not children services data). PCSAO regrets this error and encourages users to download the updated profile of any impacted county if you have been relying on profiles downloaded between the Nov. 4 publication date and Dec. 7.