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Senators asked to restore, protect funding in state budget

In testimony today before the Senate Finance Committee, PCSAO Executive Director Angela Sausser requested that children services investments be restored and that county funding be protected in the biennial budget, Sub. HB 33.

Sausser thanked the General Assembly and Gov. Mike DeWine for funding added to support children and families in recent budgets, noting that the investments have been used to improve practice, introduce innovative programs and manage soaring placement costs. “These dollars are absolutely needed by our county public children services agencies to help stabilize their workforce, address the cost associated with today‚Äôs placement crisis, effectively implement the many changes that have occurred within our system over the last five years, and continue innovative approaches to working with children and families,” she said.

Sausser went on to propose amendments regarding policy language, and she issued a call to action for state leaders to address the ongoing challenge of children staying overnight in county agencies because of a lack of suitable therapeutic placements to meet their complex trauma and acute needs. “The proposed increase in the State Child Protection Allocation allows PCSAs to address some of the rising placement costs while policy solutions for the lack of available and appropriate placement and treatment options are being sought through the proposed amendment,” she said.

Read Sausser’s testimony, including proposed amendments.