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UPP Graduates Seeking Employment

University Partnership Program (UPP) graduates must complete a year or more of employment at an Ohio public children services agency. Typically, they must secure employment within six months of graduating.

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Public Children Services Agencies

Contact the graduates listed below directly with any caseworker job openings at your agency. To help us keep the list up to date, if your agency hires a graduate, please inform PCSAO by email.

UPP Graduates

If you would like to be listed, have your campus coordinator email us your information (name, email address, graduation date, degree, university, and date by which you must be employed). Only current graduates, as verified by campus coordinators, may be included.


Name Email Graduation Date Degree Required Commitment
Ana Carrion 06/3/2020 MSW, Cleveland State University 1 year by 6/02/2021
Amber Bertorello 05/1/2021 BSW, Ohio University 10/28/2021
Brett Curry 05/1/2021 BSW, Ohio University 10/28/2021
Madi Sowders 05/1/2021 BSW, Ohio University 10/28/2021
Bailey Trout 05/1/2021 BSW, Ohio University 10/28/2021