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PCSAO is pleased to post child protection-related job openings at no cost to member and allied agencies.

Send details to including a link to or PDF containing the listing, an authorized agency contact, and the date when the listing should be removed (if less than or greater than three weeks). Employment listings are featured in PCSAO’s Weekly Update.

Job Openings

Organization Title Date Posted
Clermont County Director 06/14/2019 View PDF
Union County Child Support Case Manager 06/13/2019 View PDF
Hamilton Co Child Specific Recruiter 06/13/2019 View PDF
Hamilton Co 241 Kids 06/13/2019 View PDF
Hamilton Co Bilingual Eligibility Expert 06/13/2019 View PDF
Franklin County Legal Aide 06/12/2019 View PDF
Franklin County Child Welfare Caseworker Intake/Ongoing 06/12/2019 View PDF
Franklin County Ongoing Child Welfare Casework Supervisor Opening 06/12/2019 View PDF
Delaware County CASA ASSISTANT COORDINATOR 06/11/2019 View PDF
Crawford Co JFS Social Services Worker 2 06/10/2019 View PDF
Athens County Children Services Deputy Director of Programs 06/7/2019 View PDF
Dauphin County, PA Deputy Secretary 06/7/2019 View PDF
Hamilton County CS Kinship Coordinator 06/7/2019 View PDF
Hamilton County Match Facilitator 06/7/2019 View PDF
Hamilton County Field Investigator 06/7/2019 View PDF
Hamilton County Educational Program Director 06/7/2019 View PDF
Hamilton County Consumer Specialist 06/7/2019 View PDF
Hamilton County Eligibility Technician 06/7/2019 View PDF
Hamilton County Staffing Facilitator 06/7/2019 View PDF
Wood County Social Service Worker 3 06/5/2019 View PDF
Wyandot County Social Service Worker 2 06/5/2019 View PDF
Jefferson County Youth Leader 06/4/2019 View PDF
Jefferson County Children Services Worker 06/4/2019 View PDF
Jefferson County Adult Protective Services 06/4/2019 View PDF
Madison County DJFS Budget officer/Fiscal Officer 06/4/2019 View PDF
Portage County Social Service \Worker 3 06/4/2019 View PDF
Hamilton County Family Services Worker 05/30/2019 View PDF
Hamilton County Consumer Specialist 05/30/2019 View PDF
Richland County Paralegal 05/30/2019 View PDF
Warren County FISCAL COORDINATOR 05/30/2019 View PDF
Butler County Social Service Worker 3 Permanency 05/24/2019 View PDF
Athens County Adoption Caseworker 05/22/2019 View PDF
Jefferson County Social Service Worker II 05/22/2019 View PDF
Seneca County Temporary Social Service Case worker 05/22/2019 View PDF
Seneca County SOCIAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR 1 05/22/2019 View PDF
Dave Thomas Foundation Grants Manager 05/20/2019 View PDF
Highland Co Social Services Worker 2 05/17/2019 View PDF
Union County Vehicle Operator 05/15/2019 View PDF
Clark County Social Service Worker 2 05/15/2019 View PDF
Union County Children Services Case Worker 05/15/2019 View PDF
Lucas County Staff Attorney 2 05/14/2019 View PDF