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Caseworker Safety

Every day, caseworkers knock on doors and enter homes where their personal safety could be compromised. Since the murder of an Ohio caseworker in 2001 in the line of duty, PCSAO has emphasized the importance of on-the-job safety.

Caseworker Safety

Opioid Epidemic

Heroin has been supplemented or replaced by substances that, even in very small amounts, pose a significant safety threat to caseworkers. Stay tuned as this page is updated to reflect new resources pertaining to worker safety. In the meantime, check out these agency policies pertaining to the use of naloxone (Narcan) in agencies and in the field:

Next, see what federal agencies say about safety:

Finally, check out policies from other local Ohio government and quasi-government entities:

Safety Incident Reports

PCSAO discontinued collection of quarterly safety incident reports at the end of 2016. See below for annual information about past reports.