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Attorney General calls on Ohioans to consider becoming foster parents

At a news conference today, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced a statewide call to action, encouraging everyday Ohioans to become foster parents. The opioid crisis has resulted in more children coming into agency custody, and there are not enough homes to provide temporary placements for these children.

DeWine invited PCSAO Executive Director Angela Sausser, Fairfield County Job and Family Services Deputy Director Kristi Burre, and Delaware County network foster parent Kate Yonkura to join him in announcing the need.

The news conference was live-streamed on the Attorney General’s Facebook page.

DeWine also unveiled new materials on his website, including informational guides about becoming a foster parent, directories of public and private foster licensing agencies, and the above video featuring Yonkura and Burre.

Based on a significant backlog of background checks of prospective foster parents, DeWine also made the commitment today that BCI, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation that he supervises, will expedite background checks on foster parents, turning them around in about 24 hours when a family or agency requests it.

Finally, DeWine announced a two-year $1 million grant to Waiting Child Fund in Cleveland to assist in the identification of kinship placements. The grant may support staff at 10 children services agencies who would be dedicated to finding and supporting kinship placements in order to reduce the reliance on foster care.

Once again, PCSAO is grateful to Attorney General Mike DeWine for putting a spotlight on the needs of the child protection system.