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Application opens for middle manager training

Application opens for middle manager training

As part of a plan to address the child protection system’s workforce challenges, PCSAO is pleased to partner with the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute to offer the Leadership Academy for Middle Managers (LAMM) May 3-5 in Columbus.

Applications are being accepted through Jan 2.

More information about LAMM can be found on the NCWWI website

In the past, training for middle managers specific to child welfare has been difficult to find. They are not a defined population for the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program, yet they are a critical layer of leadership within agencies.

One of the express goals of the training is to better manage casework supervisors in the critical work of supporting and retaining child protection caseworkers. Therefore, preference will be given to middle managers who supervise casework supervisors. Preference will also be given to metro and major metro agencies, where middle management layers are more common, but efforts will be made to select a class that reflects the diversity of Ohio’s PCSAs.

While the training itself is provided at no charge (along with breakfast and lunch), agencies would need to support travel to Columbus, up to three overnights at the hotel, and evening meals. Limited scholarship funds will be available from PCSAO. Plus there is a significant investment of time in pre- and post-training coaching, evaluation, and completion of a change initiative project within the agency. The agency director and the middle manager’s supervisor will be contacted to verify support prior to an applicant’s being selected.

PCSAO is building a sustainability plan and hopes to be able to offer this training annually in the future. Contact Scott Britton with questions.