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New video highlights county efforts to ensure permanency for older youth

A new five-minute video from PCSAO highlights the need to find permanency for older youth in foster care before they emancipate, or age out of the system.

The video features a former foster youth as well as staff from Montgomery and Fairfield county job and family services, two agencies piloting Youth-Centered Permanency Roundtables (PRT). Together, they argue that in some cases, where the foster youth has maintained connections to birth parents who lost custody of the child years before, using agency resources to help the youth formally reunify with those parents in a safe and healthy manner will ensure better outcomes.

Historically, child welfare professionals, judges and others have been reluctant to reunify youth with parents who lost custody of their children, but new practice — including the PRT model — suggests otherwise.

The release of the video is timed to coincide with June’s National Reunification Month.

The PRT model and the video are made possible with support from Casey Family Programs.