Advocating for safe children, stable families, and supportive communities
37 West Broad Street, Suite 1100
Columbus, OH 43215 — 614-224-5802

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  • Conference Planning Committee Meeting

    Friday, May 26 10:00am
    Franklin County Children Services, 855 W Mound St, Columbus, OH 43223

    Contact: Jeed Jitprasert,

  • Rules Review Committee Meeting

    Thursday, June 1 1:00pm
    Via conference call

    Contact: Mary Wachtel,

  • Community Education Committee Meeting

    Friday, June 2 10:00am
    Via conference call

    Contact: Scott Britton,

  • Ohio Reach Advisory Board Meeting

    Friday, June 2 12:00pm
    Air Center, 4020 E 5th Ave, Rm 113, Columbus, OH 43219


  • Board of Trustees Meeting

    Wednesday, June 7 10:00am
    PCSAO, 37 W Broad St, Suite 1100, Columbus, OH 43215

    Contact: Angela Sausser,

  • Human Resources/Safety Committee Meeting

    Wednesday, June 7 10:00am
    Willis Government Building, 2079 US-23, Delaware, OH 43015

    Note: Part of JFS HRA meeting.
    Contact: Scott Britton,